SATS Preparation Tuition

Students face SATs in Year 2 (end of KS1) & Year 6 (end of KS2). They are key times in your child’s time at school, benchmarking them against other students and assessing their progress.
Y6 SATs can determine what set your child is put into when they move to high school.

Conducted in May, a wide range of skills are tested across Maths and English including Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar, Reading (comprehension), and maths arithmetic and reasoning (problem solving).

We support your child using a range of unique Kip McGrath resources and 11+ papers, focusing on the areas they need to work on as an individual, working with them 1-2-1 to build their skills and crucially, boost their confidence.
Students also take homework each week.

Our team of specialised, fully qualified teachers use a mix of paper based activities with some complementary computer exercises to ensure your child is confident with each skill before moving on.
We’ll spend some time working on exam preparation and technique as well.

The first step we take is your free assessment will highlight your child’s strengths and weaknesses, allowing us to make priorities and set goals for their SATs as well as discuss the next stage of their education following SATs.

Call now on 0113 2662381 to book your free assessment or fill in the online form and we’ll call you.

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