GCSE Maths Tuition

GCSEs are the culmination of many years hard work at school and can have a huge impact on what a student does next academically. Following the changes to GSCE maths to make them more difficult from 2016/2017, along with the change from letters to numbers in the grading system we have seen more students than ever requiring our help.

Nationally, in 2018, over 40% of students that sat GCSE maths didn’t pass to the required level of a grade 4 or above!!

All maths tuition is delivered by fully qualified, specialised and experienced teachers. Our Key stage 4 (KS4) curriculum is delivered with our experience of working to specific exam syllabuses, not revision guides or online tutorials. Whether your child is trying to push a grade 3 into a 4 or ensuring a high grade target is met, we have the tutors to guide your child to their desired result and beyond.

Where applicable we can also help students undertaking resits or anyone outside of schooling that wishes to improve their job prospects or attend university and doesn’t have a maths qualification.

Before we start tuition with your child, we undertake an initial assessment, free of charge, to determine where any points of strength and weakness are. We can then design a program based around both the results of the assessment and the specific exam syllabus that your child is studying at school to allow us to run a two-pronged approach to both consolidate and improve retention of key skills, whilst also focussing on exam technique and preparation leading up to the exams.

Call us now on 0113 2662381 to book your free assessment or fill in the online form and we’ll call you.

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