English Tuition

At Kip McGrath, we offer a personal and professional English tutoring service. All of the bespoke programs of study that the children undertake are specifically designed just for them to boost confidence and increase students’ levels up to their target grades, then extend them beyond where appropriate.

English is a very broad subject with writing, spelling, reading and comprehension forming the main elements and as such students can lag behind in one of the areas, causing them to lose confidence in their English as a whole.

We help students with everything from learning to read all the way through to GCSE exams.

Your free assessment will allow us to highlight exactly where your child is struggling so that we can create a learning plan to boost their confidence and improve their skills exactly where they need it.

Our lessons are formed of mostly written work coupled with some supplementary computer activities, for example a spelling test, as well as some applicable homework will see you child improve quickly

Children of all ages can need support in English for their general schooling or many of the structured tests they face, such as SATs, 11+ and GCSES. Our team of fully qualified teachers have many years experience of working with all ages and our unique resources are designed to ensure that the success you desire for them is met and your child is able to reach their potential.

Call now on 0113 2662381 to book your free assessment or fill in the online form and we’ll call you.

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